Blogging Aspirations vs. Reality

The avid and attentive reader of this blog might have noticed another (silent) relaunch of my blog – the giveaway was the change of design.

This is the result of aspirations meeting reality. As I mentioned before, I wanted to use a small and lightweight engine for this blog and say goodbye to the behemoth called WordPress. Back in September I picked Kirby, since it ticked all the boxes. I bought a license and a decent theme, and loved the fact that I could now write my posts in markup and simply upload the files to the server.

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Der Kompaktkalender

Vor ca. zehn Jahren, als Produktivität noch etwas war worüber man bloggte (und prodcutivity p0rn noch kein Begriff war), stieß ich eines Tages auf David Seahs Blog. Dort teilte und schrieb er regelmäßig über selbstgemachte Productivity Templates. Mein Favorit war damals (und ist es übrigens immer noch) der compact calendar, ein einfacher, und wie der Name sagt, kompakter Jahreskalender.

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Detours with Arduino Code

“Umwege erhöhen die Ortskenntnis” (detours expand local knowledge) was a common saying of my philosophy professor after he went on a tangent during class.

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Alexa and me

About four months ago Alexa moved in with me. She’s a quiet but witty flatmate. She connected with my WiFi speaker, immediately. Yes, she is a real tech geek. Soon she took over music and radio management for my place.

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Implementing Design Thinking

My last task at Deutsche Telekom Design was to create and set up its Design Thinking program. The goal was (to negotiate and) to establish a company-wide Design Thinking practice.

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Happy Birthday, dear Axure book

Five years ago today I released a small e-book on the Amazon Kindle platform called Axure for Mobile. At that time Axure 6.5 was just released, offering quite a few enhancements for mobile prototyping (swiping events, the mobile settings panel, etc.). My book described these new features and offered quite a few hacks which made mobile prototyping way easier.

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Das deutsche Musik-Missverständnis

Warning: German ahead.

Ich höre viel deutsche Musik und das ist immer mal wieder schwierig.
Nicht wegen des Hörens an sich, sondern wegen des Missverständnisses, das entsteht, wenn ich davon erzähle. Denn das Radiogedudel mit den tollen einfachen Botschaften und der super guten Laune meine ich nicht. Sondern diese andere deutsche Musik.

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UX Prototyping Trends

For the longest time our discipline seemed to pay only lip service to one of the key activities of UX design: prototyping.

Yes, everybody always states that prototyping is important. Do it often and early on in the process. Always treat your prototypes as experiments. Don’t fall in love with them and last bust not least, always welcome failure.

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